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Deyra is the culmination of years of development of multiple ideas from multiple people creating a fantasy world to accommodate nearly any kind of story.

Please feel free to read up on the Adventure Logs, investigate the potential of this world through the wiki, or look at art on the Media Library.

What's Changed:

Centuries ago the world went through a large calamity, shifting the poles, the landmasses, and the forces of magic on this world.

Traditional casting has been replaced with Spheres of Power. All Spheres of Power options are available including Rituals (including the optional component materials), Incantations, and Advanced Talents.

The Myrians (or Grey Elves as they're referred to by the common folk) have returned to this world and re-inhabited the Golden Cities.

Some Gods have fallen, died, and been replaced.

Not much is known at this point about the calamity,  other than it's name: The World Sundering.

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