Blood Pacts

Within the world of Deyra the ways to power are vast and a new adventure awaits even the most mundane person. One such common way to power is to make a deal with a creature from another plane.

Any creature with at least 1 rank in both Spellcraft and Knowledge (Planes) has the knowledge to invite a spirit into the world, however they have neither the means to control, nor contain this and often call a dark force that ends up working against them.

The calling requires 8 hours of uninterrupted work and 100 gp in rare reagents.

At the end of this calling an offering may be made to coax an outsider from across the planes to come forth. 

This calling is dreadfully underpowered and may only call outsiders whose CR is equal to 1/2 the creatures HD or less.

Once called if amiable the creature may be willing to make a deal and provide the creature one of the following benefits in exchange for a deal of some sort.

Pact Benefits

Pact benefits may be granted by any outsider, but are listed here as part of this variant rule.

Casting (Sp): The Creature is granted casting as a low caster who gains one talent per Caster Level. Their Casting Ability is whichever the highest mental ability score is for the creature. The creature gains the Drawn Source Drawback, but not it's benefit. If the creature selects a casting tradition that includes the Drawn Source Drawback they lose its benefit. If the CR of the Outsider is at least 8 the creature is instead treated as a mid caster. If the CR of the Outsider is at least 16 the creature is instead treated as a high caster.

Class Feature (Ex): The Creature is granted one first level class feature from a class other than her own. This class feature may not be Casting or anything similar (such as Alchemy), or any Class Feature that grants bonus feats. The creature uses their total HD to determine any effect of the class feature.  If the class feature advances as the class would level up (such as Sneak Attack, or Bombs) it only progresses at 1/2 the speed it would normally. If the Outsider is at least CR 8 or higher the class feature may be from 4th level or lower. If the Outsider is at least CR 16 or  Higher the class feature may be from 8th level or lower. You may not gain Prestige Class Features in this way unless the CR of the Outsider is 10 or Higher.

Granted Power (Su): The Outsider may grant you one power it possesses. This can be any ability the creature possesses that is not casting, or a class feature (but it may still grant spell like abilities).


Blood Pacts

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