Classes within Deyra are limited to the Core, Base, Alternate, Hybrid, Unchained, Occult, an Prestige classes produced by paizo, any class introduced by the Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might systems, any Path of War class that does not make use of Psionic rules, and any introduced within this wiki unless otherwise noted.

If you play a Summoner you must play an Unchained Summoner.

Additionally the following changes are included:

Fighters, Brawlers, and Magus' gain the Combat Stamina Feat as a bonus Feat at level 1.

Paladins may be of any alignment but must exactly meet the alignment of their deity, Clerics alignment restrictions are unchanged.

Good Paladins function as normal, Evil Paladins function as Anti-Paladins, Neutral Paladins must choose if they wish to be a Paladin or Anti-Paladin at first level.


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