Among the landmasses in Deyra there are a number of recognized continents.

There are currently 7 recognized greater continents not including the Great Artic Shelf.

Pequiful – After the world sunder the Royal Court of Ormin had landed their navy on this new continent. The north of Pequiful is a bountiful temperate land, much like the central parts of the Ormin kingdom were, though it's marked by significantly more trees. It is home to Ecyliet, a race of intelligent insectoid people. The south however is marked by rolling hills, mountains, Swamps, and on the eastern coast a Desert rivaling that of the ancient Country of Sevjic. These areas have been claimed by various races who were uplifted by the wolrd sunder.

Undanna - One of two continents that was not altogether destroyed by the world sunder. Undanna has lived on thanks to the intense nature magic defending the land since time immemorial. It is the home land of all denizens of the material plane who have an elemental component to their heritage, and often finds itself hosting planar visitors because of this. All Sylph, Ifrit, Oread, Undine, and Suli peoples can trace their heritage here.

Myria - The Risen Continent, and originally the home of the Myrian people (otherwise known as 'Grey Elves'). This continent has an extra-ordinary storm known as the Maelstrom swirling in it's direct center, causing the converging bodies of water below to swirl into a hellish vortex from which nothing returns. Myrian scholars have hypothesized that the Maelstrom and the Vortex are direct gates to the deepest reaches of the Planar Chaos, beyond even the Outer Planes.

Aigone – Aigone is a string of islands in the Northern Hemisphere inhabited by the descendants of those who had fled first during the World Sundering. Generally old Xinnian and Sjevician traits can be seen among their people.

Nubaul – A large strip of islands, which are connected once per year during a period of extremely low tide. The rest of the year bridges constructed with powerful creation magic stand tall above the waves.

Oborax - Known as the land of adventure Oborax is a wild frontier land, with no large populations of sapient creatures due to the incredibly violent weather patterns, and the hostile flora and fauna. This dangerous land has become rife with nomadic towns who capitalize on the exotic features of the land, and the lands newfound adventuring population. It is also said that the land is marked with ancient ruins, the likes of which are undecipherable to all but the most esoteric scholar, escaping even the magic of strong mages.

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