Many of the old countries managed to survive The World Sundering though in a vastly altered state. Along side them many new factions sprung up.


Most countries work with similar laws to varying strengths. The strengths are as follows: Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong, Extreme. The stronger they follow the law, the more strict the enforcement, and the more severe the punishment. Each Country might vary slightly but will generally use the following rules as written.


Very Weak: The Law is only upheld to the most minor extent. Usually enforcement is so unconcerned with these issue they go unreported.

Weak: The Law is upheld but only to a minor extent. While it's expected the law is followed you might be able to get away with a warning if you're well behaved.

Average: The Law is upheld appropriately. In most cases this means a fine, or in more extreme cases jail time, and in some very extreme cases the death penalty.

Strong: The enforcement of this Law almost always results in some amount of jail time, and in some extreme cases the death penalty.

Very Strong: The enforcement of this Law borders on abuse of power in some cases and will always result in jail time if broken. The death penalty is more common here.

Extreme: The enforcement of this Law is criticized for being tyrannical by some. There will always be jail time and a good amount of it. The death penalty or mutilation is a very common answer.


Nonaggression: The Country has outlawed any violence outside of sanctioned areas. Generally the amount of aggression will be dealt with appropriately but particularly strict countries may treat even small acts with no tolerance.

Anti-Larceny: Theft of any kind has been outlawed. Theft is usually treated harshly, though is often overlooked in countries that aren't strict on this law.

Anti-Magic: Casting in cities outside of sanctioned areas is outlawed. Due to it's chaotic nature some more strict countries may even implement anti-magic area's in unsanctioned areas within city limits.

Dress: Laws policing dress are one of the more flexible laws. The more strict this law the more conservative dress is required.

Orderly Conduct: This Law covers how you act in public. Someone might be punished for public nudity, or drunkenness, or if their property is in the streets disrupting normal activity.

Identification: This Law requires that all travelers, and citizens have identification at all times.

Customs: This Law requires that all goods being brought into or out of the country are inspected carefully for threats.

Transit: This Law is how strict the road, and travel laws might be. For instance a strict country would have a problem with an oversized vehicle, or reckless driving.

Anti-Drug: This Law is how strict the country is on drug use. Some drugs may be legalized but this law refers to how illegal drug use is seen.


Country Laws
Xinnia Nonaggression (Average), Anti-Larceny (Strong), Customs (Extreme)
Sevjic Nonaggression (Strong), Anti-Larceny (Strong), Anti-Magic (Strong), Dress (Weak), Orderly Conduct (Average), Anti-Drug (Average), Identification (Average)
Ormin Nonaggression (Extreme), Anti-Larceny (Average), Orderly Conduct (Average), Customs (Stong)
Undanna Nonaggression (Weak), Anti-Larceny (Weak), Customs (Average), Transit (Average)
Myria Anti-Magic (Extreme), Customs (Strong), Dress (Weak)
Tephlas Nonaggression (Average), Anti-Larceny (Average), Transit (Average), Orderly Conduct (Average)
Nomuria Anti-Magic (Extreme), Identification (Strong), Customs (Strong), Transit (Strong), Orderly Conduct (Average)
Dulhlast Anti-Larceny (Strong), Customs (Strong)
Yaddacca Customs (Average), Transit (Average), Nonagression (Weak)
Fjen Customs (Average), Transit (Average), Nonagression (Weak)
Kolbas None
Gear City Identification (Extreme), Customs (Extreme), Transit (Strong)


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