Feat Adjustments

Precise Shot

The Precise Shot feat no longer has a pre-requisite of Point-Blank Shot. Any other feat that requires Point-Blank Shot still continues to do so, even if it requires both Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot.

Golem Constructor

Instead of only being able to animate an object with 1 HD per 3 Caster Levels, you are restricted only to what you could normally animate using the Animate Object talent, including temporary increases to caster level. Additionally you may control a number of Animate Objects this way whose HD do not exceed 4 times your character level.

Divine Protection

Prerequisite(s): Cha 13, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks.

Benefit: You gain a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on all saving throws. If your Charisma modifier is already applied as a bonus on all saving throw (such as from the Divine Health class feature), you instead gain a +1 bonus on all saving throws.

New Feats

Feat Prerequisite(s) Benefit Type
Alchemic Preperation Casting You may prepare your magic as an alchemist would. General
Apparent Animator Animate Object, MSB 5 Your Animate Objects are familiar with how they would have been used prior to animation. Sphere-Focused
Blood Money Casting You have learned how to use your blood in place of other components for magic. General
Sanguine Empowerment Blood Money Blood can empower your magic. General
Exciting Display Int 13, Craft (Alchemy) 5 Ranks You may Fascinate others with use of your explosives. Combat
Frightening Display Exciting Display You may Frighten others with use of your explosives. Combat
Permanency MSB 10 You are able to make sphere effects duration permanent. General
Prestigious Ability Favored Prestige Class You may treat you levels in a prestige class as levels in another class for one ability General


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