Feat Adjustments

Divine Protection

Prerequisite(s): Cha 13, Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks.

Benefit: You gain a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on all saving throws. If your Charisma modifier is already applied as a bonus on all saving throw (such as from the Divine Health class feature), you instead gain a +1 bonus on all saving throws.

Feat Tax Rules

Within Deyra we will use a modified version the the Elephant in the Room Anti-Feat Tax rules.
They can be found here: Deyra Feat Tax

New Feats

Feat Prerequisite(s) Benefit Type
Alchemic Preperation Casting You may prepare your magic as an alchemist would. Metamagic
Apparent Animator Animate Object, MSB 5 Your Animate Objects are familiar with how they would have been used prior to animation. Sphere-Focused
Blood Money Casting You have learned how to use your blood in place of other components for magic. General
Exciting Display Int 13, Craft (Alchemy) 5 Ranks You may Fascinate others with use of your explosives. Combat
Frightening Display Exciting Display You may Frighten others with use of your explosives. Combat
Pinning Arrow Precise Shot Pin a target in place instead of a normal attack Combat
Prestigious Ability Favored Prestige Class You may treat you levels in a prestige class as levels in another class for one ability General
Deadly Agility Weapon Finesse Add Dex modifier instead of Str to damage


Daisho Expertise Proficiency with the katana or wakizashi Use Dex instead of Str on attack rolls with katanas and wakizashi, and increase their damage dice Combat
Greater Unarmed Strike Improved Unarmed Strike, character level 3rd Unarmed strikes deal more damage Combat
Ripple in Still Water Ki pool class feature, kineticist level 1st. Kineticist and ki user class levels stack for ki pool and kinetic blast progression Combat
Solar Flare Gather power class feature, kineticist level 1st Dazzle or blind nearby enemies when gathering power Combat
Greater Expanded Necromancy Death Sphere, Expanded Necromancy, Caster Level 5 You may create a wider array of undead. Sphere-Focused
Spirit Caller Greater Expanded Necromancy, Summon Spirit, Caster Level 8 You may use your ability to call spirits to create even further variant undead. Sphere-Focused


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