Gourmet Cooking

Within Deyra, a new system for mundane potion-like items has been developed by the Culinary Mages of Sevjic. Some wild plants can hold special properties, and can be found and eaten. Some may even be made into recipe's for specific dishes and turned into something miraculous.

In order to scavenge for Herbs a creature must have at least one rank in either Survival, Profession (Herbalism), or a similar skill, and must make a DC 15 check to find one Herb within an area. Doing so takes one hour. The DC may be increased or decreased based on environmental conditions. For every 5 by which a creatured exceeds the DC they may find one additional Herb.

Once found herbs immediately begin to decay, unless preserved, usually decaying fully within a week. This may be done by finding, purchasing, or crafting a preservation vessel. Each vessel may only hold one type of Herb, but may hold up to ten doses of that Herb. Recipe's may also be kept in a preservation vessel following the same rules. There are 3 qualities of preservation vessel listed below:

Item Cost Effect Craft DC
Disposable Preservation Vessel 10 Usually taking the form of an air-tight box, or bag  this preservation vessel will increase the time required to decay by one week. After one use these vessels are no longer usable. 15
Reusable Preservation Vessel 100 Much like the Disposable Preservation Vessel this only protects Herbs for one week, however these may be reused. 20
Pristine Preservation Vessel 1000 A Pristine Preservation Vessel is usually crafted of stone, or clay and then magically treated so as to be immune to the elements. Herbs kept in here will last for an additional month. 25

Herb Rules


Strange Plants: Some people have reported seeing odd plants in places touched by magic or strange creatures. The plants are extremely hard to find but may appear from time to time.

Editor's Note: These rules have been adapted from Strange Magic's Herbalism system. There may be areas where the rules do not make sense and in those area's the GM is expected to arbitrate the situation and come up with a ruling. This ruling is expected to be followed until otherwise stated.

Gourmet Cooking

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