Mundane Gear Modification

Within Deyra people often find themselves stylizing everything, down to their own personal weapon, or gear.

Most people achieve this by merging two weapons together to create something unique, some do this through a few alterations to a pre-existing weapon.

You may merge together two weapons at GM Discretion by adding their costs together and then adding 50% on top of that. The Craft DC for this is the same as a Exotic Masterwork Weapon. This weapon is treated as a double weapon (if it one or more were already a double weapon, this replaces that) and the weapon may use any applicable qualities either base weapon had. This weapon is treated as the highest weapon category increase by 1 (Simple to Martial; Martial to Exotic; Exotic to Modified).

Alternatively for the same price you may create a weapon that can transform into another weapon as an immediate action. When used this way the weapons are both treated as being the same weapon meaning there are no additional costs to enhancements, however any enhancements that are specific to being a certain type of weapon (Melee, ranged, slashing, etc.) cease to work when the weapon would be anything other than that.

You may additionally alter weapons using the Creating New Weapons System. You may not take any 0 DP Qualities, you may not take any Qualities that reduce the DP. You may use any number of DP when making a modification regardless of the weapon category. For each DP you use modifying your weapon increases the cost by 100 gp. The Craft DC for this is the same as an Exotic Masterwork Weapon.


Mundane Gear Modification

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