Revered Hall Pantheon

Commonly referred to as The Gods the revered hall is the most traditionally worshiped pantheon. Generally speaking the devout might submit themselves to the work of single god, but your average villager might seek the aid of any of these gods.

God Alignment Portfolio Symbol
Dern LG Upholding justice, slaying evil, destroying abominations A maiden holding a scale and shield
Orren CE Subjugation, slaying the innocent, torture A skull split open by metal spikes
Urik NG Protecting the weak, gaining glory through combat An axe atop a mountain
Heathcliff CN Luck, Fate, nobility A pair of Dice covered with hearts, stars, and skulls
Elsimore NE Knowledge, Magic, creation A bronze golem holding a chalice in it's hands, inside the chalice a scroll
Atlas TN Weather, Celestial bodies, the planes A planet with 12 planets of the same size behind and around it in varying colors
Mayurii CN Art, Trickery, Secrets, Story-telling A fox face engraved into a mirror
Baelsamur NE Technology, advancement, forbidden knowledge, creation A gear engraved with Abyssal runes that read "Existence is a puzzle, waiting to be completed"

The Tree of Heaven

The Fey, including the Elves, worship deific beings from beyond the endless forest, whose voices whisper on the winds.

God Alignment Portfolio Symbol
Oberon NG Heroes, Stories, Hope The Crest of the Fairy King
Arawn TN Seasons, Time, Death A mask covered half in black and half in white, in front of a sun cloaked in the same colors
Aoibhell CG Love, Fertility, Family A Heart clad in fairy wings
Babd Catha CN War, Enlightenment, The Sun A golden spear, sitting in front of the penumbra of the sun
Dis Pater NE Death, Undead, Evil A skull bearing the horns of a ram and covered in shadow
Cairne Ohbne TN Animals, The Hunt, Nature The eye of a beast, surrounded by the marks of claws
Morrighan NG Death, Ravens, Battle Three interlinking lines or inverted triangle

The Mountain Spire

The Arcannum Illustrium

The Seven Deadly Sins

Name Alignment Portfolio Symbol
Sin of Wrath, Girax CE Rage, Berserkers, Vengeance Black Gauntlet held up towards the sky coated in flames

The Seven Divine Virtues

The Lords of the Abyss

Name Alignment Portfolio Symbol
Ördög CE Gambling, Trickery, Fear, Darkness A Cauldron with a pitchfork rising from it.
Pazuzu CE Trickery, Evil, Possession, Winged Creatures  

The Four Horsemen of Akasha


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