Spheres of Power

In New Deyra, we will be using the Spheres of Power Casting system, with a few minor changes. Those changes are as follows. 

Alchemists and Investigators are the only 'casting' class allowed to retain their base class without an archetype. Alchemists and Investigators may maintain their normal formulae lists, if they so choose. 

Any archetype of any class that modifies casting in any way must be approved by the GM before being built. 

The Spheres of Power Wiki can be found here. Please read both this page and that page very carefully if you chose to play a casting class. You should also read this page to refresh yourself on the Spheres of Power rule set. 

Spheres of Power is the ONLY casting allowed for this campaign. All other casters must be converted, at GM discretion. 

Using the Rituals system, the 'older' versions of magic and spells may be accessed. All rituals and their rules are found here. Please also read this carefully, to make sure you understand how the rituals interact with magic in this world. Spell books that you would normally be able to purchase now are considered ritual books, and any preparation benefit they might have had is removed. 

You may develop your own casting tradition, but if you would be a member of a specific organization (Such as the Paladins of Dern, or a military) you must accept their casting tradition. These traditions are only available upon request.

When developing your own casting tradition you must choose if it's Arcane, Divine, Pyschic, or if it doesn't have one.



Spheres of Power

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