Alchemic Preperation

Prerequisite(s): Casting, Brew Potion, 5 ranks in Craft: Alchemy

You have learned from the old ways of the Alchemists, and now understand what they did.

Benefit: You may spend 1 minute to create a temporary potion, dust, or oil using any sphere or ritual you currently posses. These items function exactly as their permanent counter-parts with the exception that if they are not used they cease to function the next time the caster regains spell points.
Creating a potion, dust, or oil in this way counts as casting the magical effect, and requires you provide the spell points, and any material components required to cast the spell. The spell point cost of any effect used in this way increases by 1 point that may not be reduced in any way.

Additionally potions are now considered alchemical items for the purpose of feats or abilities that reduce the amount of time required to craft items.

Alchemic Preperation

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